I have an application that is connected to an External Database via integration studio.  The DB is working fine however I'm having a hard time doing query filters on the data.

Before moving to the external DB the filter was simple

recipe.user_ID = getuserid()

However now that i'm trying to use the external DB, I have to reference based off External_ID.

recipe.user_ID = getuser().user.external_id 

However this does not work.  I can't create a local variable to reference External_ID cause outsystems won't let me.

Any advice how to get these filters to work properly?

Hi cmbates1,

You really should provide more information for us in order to help you. Why doesn't getuser().user.external_id not work? What do you mean by "outsystems won't let me" when creating a local variable? Please describe the steps you used, what you expected and what happened when you tried.

EDIT: Also, why don't you just joint the User table on External_ID and provide a filter for the right Id?