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We were using OutSystems about eight years, but we have never clean the database. Any suggestion about which tables of this Platform that need to clean up ? We are afraid about performance caused by SLOWQUERY.

The application tables you've do them yourself, so create archive tables or delete the old data (if possible).

Regarding system tables, the bigges one (on development environment) would be the eSpace version (each eSpace published to the server is stored there). You can build you own application to see (old) eSpaces with their version and can use the DBCleanerAPI from the platform to delete old version. There are also components with logic to do this ( http://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/423/dbcleaner/?%28Not.Licensed.For.Production%29= to clean or http://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/1063/db-space/?%28Not.Licensed.For.Production%29= to see how much space is used by what).

But you should be carefull with deleting that data since there might be some data left in the system tables. By refererring to the systems tables you can check the system tables model and how - what is related to each other.

Hope this give some insight for you

Hi Evert,

Thank you for your suggestions,

But http://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/1063/db-space/?%28Not.Licensed.For.Production%29= only supporting Oracle and SQL Server, and unfortunately our company is using MySQL.

Hallo Sanledi,

You could try to check the queries made in the DBSpace application (are advanced queries to get DB tables sizes) and made them  MySQL server specific. Would be a nice improvement of the component (MySQL support) (-:

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