Cannot delete an arrow right after adding to the flowchart

OutSystems 10, but I think this was the case with 9 as well.

Immediately after dropping anything onto an action flowchart, the next arrow you click on cannot be deleted with the Delete key:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

You can press the Delete key as much as you want here; it will not go away.

If you click away, click on it again and then press the Delete key, it will go away properly.

N.B. It doesn't matter what you drop or where you drop it. The same thing happens if you drop an operation in blank space, so I would imagine it has nothing to do with the arrows/connections being altered.

N.B.2. If you drop something that brings up another dialog, like Exception Handler, then it will let you delete the arrow, so maybe there's something funny to do with focus.

N.B.3. If you click the arrow a second time, you can press Delete and it works.

-- Ritchie Annand


Hi Ritchie,

Nice catch! Thanks for reporting. I already sent this info to the team, to be fixed in a future version.