[FusionCharts] Clarification on usage and licensing

Hi, I'm after a bit of clarification on the Fusion Charts component usage and licensing. What version of Fusion charts is being used in outsystems and does it allow usage of the javascript version? Also if we move to our own hosted Outsystems platform are we covered under any relevant licenses?

In particular will the ChartingServicesCore component work correctly on iOS browsers? I've tested on android (Galaxy Note 4) and have a few problems with the bar's being invisible. Can we switch to javascript charts instead of SWF?

Well it looks like it is automatically changing to the JavaScript version depending on the browser however whenever it changes to JavaScript the bars in the graph are not visible but when using the exact same options the SWF version looks fine. 

I have also managed to force a JavaScript version on any browser by creating the chart manually in JavaScript however this again does not show the bars, all headings and labels show correctly just no bars. Fox example, 2 different charts below, 1st is SWF version second is JavaScript version.