I creating a mobile device that will need to be used and re-used in many other Mobile Applications. I am trying to create a base module with all of the common business logic and screen formats. I know that when using Weblocks in a Web application I can use the onNotify to push the data from the weblock to the page. since this is a mobile Application there is no "OnNotify". 

How do I get data from the weblock to my mobile screen?

Hi Chris,

When selecting the block in mobile, there are multiple events that you can use:

You can check out this link for more information: https://www.outsystems.com/Academy/lesson/843/blocks-and-events/

Let me know if you have any trouble,



So I was able to get a hold of someone within outsystems and they explained the whole thing to me in 5 minutes. 

To extract data from a weblock in a mobile application I have to use the events feature of mobile development. I can create a new event within the weblock and give it some input parameters that I want to update in the parent page. On a buntton or some other actionable component I then added my event to the client action. No on the parent screen there will be a handler needing implementation with some variables.