Considering Outsystems - Can we build this with it?

Hi all.

We are a relatively small company, 40 employees, facing a challenge.  We are a design/build foodservice company.  best way to summarize it is an architect, general contractor, equipment dealer and distributor, all under one.  So we manage everything from large renovation projects, design only jobs, to replacing a commercial toaster.

Currently, to manage our business we have several different platforms....  A CRM software (pipedrive), a task management software (wrike) and many other day to day tools.  We also have many word based templates for things in the construction world like RFI's, Submittals, etc. all of which are meant to track when we submit things to contractors, architects, etc. and when they respond to ensure all are closed out.  Any given project could have 100 of these, so it is important to track them.  Also the creation of meeting minutes and distribution to our teams.

I want to go the custom route but it is just too expensive.  Can something like Outsystems be used to create this type of scenario for us?  In particular, is all of the data only represented in table layouts or are there creative ways to explore things? (i.e. cards etc. for access to drag and drop status, etc.)

Just looking to understand if this is a worthy endeavor.


Hi, for *almost* all standard UI capabilities without any custom codes, you can preview it here:

No need to login, just click Take the Tour.

For more UI capabilities, there is community powered components/plugins available at:

Hope it helps...

You can certainly construct anything you might need, based on your description, with the Outsystems platform.  I would make two recommendations.

1) Create an account in the Personal Edition in the cloud, which is free, and create at least one piece of what you need so you can understand how it works.  I would suggest the CRM piece since there are applications in the Forge to get started with and it's a well understood capability.  Due to space limitations you will eventually need to buy a license.

2) Contact Outsystems sales because you are concerned with cost.  The Outsystems product is generally geared to larger companies and priced accordingly.  You want to make sure it's something you can afford before making a commitment.  This page has information about that -

Hope this helps,