[IdP] SingleLogoutService supported?

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Published on 7 Jan by Telmo Martins
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Published on 7 Jan by Telmo Martins


I have installed the IdP and have SAML authentication working between OneLogin and my application to make sure I have the basics working.

However, the SAML provider I will be using requires me to specify a SingleLogoutService URL so that when a user logouts from the external authentication provider, then it can me a request and logout the user automatically from OutSystems application as well.

How do I add a SingleLogoutService URL to my IdP implementation?
Can you give me any guidance on this?

Hi Alan,

I would say that you need to create a new entry point on IdP espace (the same as SSO) to process those requests.

I'm not sure how this logout URL works, but I suppose that it will receive a SAML message that you need to process properly to validate and authenticate the request.

Hope it is usefull.