Error while trying to update the app ...

Error while trying to update the app ...


Working late last night and making changes to my mobile app with no issues.  Then after Publishing I started getting an error when I try to run the app (both on the phone and testing in browser).  The error is:

An error occurred while trying to update the app.  If you want to retry the update, restart the app.  If the problem persists you can reinstall, but all local data will be lost.

I tried uninstalling the Outsystems Now app and it didn't work.  I can run sample apps so it is something with mine.  Has anyone seen this before?  Is there a log file somewhere that I can look at.

I need to get this to testing.  Help!

Hi Vincent,

Did you reach out to support yet?


Hello Justin,

Not yet.  Should I?

Vincent, I had the same issue. Narrowed it down to inclusion of a Google font in my resources. If I set the resource to "Deploy to Target Directory" the update fails. If I set it back to "Do Nothing" the update works