Ajax Submit not working on scaffold details page

I've just created a very basic sandbox application to test something else and created an entity and dragged twice into the UI flow to create the scaffold list and details. However the Save button on the details page does nothing when set to the default Ajax Submit - it doesn't even get to the Save screen action. If I change the button action to Submit it all works as expected. We've recently upgraded to the latest version of Outsystems 10 but I'd like to know whether this is a basic error on my part before reporting a problem with the upgrade.

Hi Chris,

I just did exactly what you described, created a new app, created an entity and dragged it two times to the Main Flow, and published.

It created the Save button set as an Ajax Submit and everything seemed to work correctly.

Did you change any of the default properties that are done by the scaffolding process?

Would you be able to share the module to take a look at it?


Andres Moreno

Hi Chris,

Can you please check for any javascript\Jquery error on your page?