Please, someone in outsystems support team can restart my deployment server ? It's down from Thursday afternoom. I have created support tickets and send a mail to success@outsystems.com, and the situation remains the same.

My PE is bauner.outsystemscloud.com.

Please, provide some feature within the personal environment so we can restart services ourselves. It's very annoying when this things happens and we lost a lot of time waiting to work again.

Thank's in advance

... And we now complete 4 days without being able to access our environment ...


Hi Adelar,

We are sorry we are not meeting your expectations regarding your Personal Environment's availability.

You Personal Environment is now restored.

We went a bit further and analysed the root cause behind the repeated service unavailability you've been experiencing in order to see how can we improve your experience.

One of the applications was using an excessive amount of memory causing the application pool to recycle.

For reasons that you certainly understand, as a free offer, Personal Environments have limited resources such as database space and CPU memory.

In order to protect your environment and your applications, we advise you to review your application logic and try to identify applicational patterns that can be consuming a high amount of memory. 

Infinite cycles, uploading of large files or iterating over large lists are the usual culprits.

Hope this helps and happy developing!



Ok, Ana,

I will make a review on our application for prevent new crashes...

Thank you