When scrolling through a list that contains a List Item, the list starts to stream when OnScrollEnding event is triggered.

The problem occurs on a list that is scaffolded from a server Database Entity or from a Local Storage Entity. It is also occurring on manually created lists.

It does not occur when the List Item is replaced with a container.

Attached is an OML example that I have created to try and troubleshoot the issue. The problem occurs when scrolling from item 10 to 11.

It is present in the browser emulator, OSNow and the native Android build.

This was done on Platform is Version 10.0.105 and Studio is Version 10.0.405.



Hi Ouen,

I'm not able to reproduce the behavior you described. Can you share a video to see the behavior happening?

I have to say that I'm using the latest platform version that has some bug fixes to lists, and that might explain not seeing that odd behavior.

Attached is a video of the issue.

Hi Ouen,

Your file is empty. Can you try uploading it again or share it by other means?