hi there,

I would like to ask a question about a detailed screen in my project. I have two screens, The first one has the name of  all my customers and the second screen i would like to have details for each customer. For example, the name of John John is in the first screen and fields like address,phone and email in the second screen. I saw some videos but in older versions. How can i fix this problem and work ?


Hi Panagiotis,

Quick option:

Drop the Customer table to the Flow to create the List and drop the table again to create the details page, including all the links between the two.

Slow option:

You can create a link on the name of the customer that redirects to the second page. Add the CustomerId as parameter and fill this with the current customer Id in the link. In the second page, create a query that fetches the customer based on the CustomerId input parameter. In the screen add a form and drop the Customer table to show all fields from the table. Adjust the form and list to your needs.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga