Localized text support

Hi all,

Is there any platform support or component for text formatting?

Basically we need an improved version of FeedBack_Message which allows message lookup from a table/cache and support for multi-language and positional parameter formatting.




Hi George,

Localization, or rather, translation, is supported out of the box. Look at the Interface tab in Service Studio, and search for Multilingual Locales (all the way to the bottom). For locale-specific formatting of dates etc. you're out of luck, and you need to handle that yourself. As for positional parameter formatting, there's no out of the box solution, but I typically do something like Replace("Please specify {0}", "{0}", MyThing) or have an function that wraps it so I can do things like Format(Format("Please specify {0} or {1}", 0, MyThing1), 1, MyThing1).


Hi Kilian,

Thanks for your feed-back. Looks like we need to make some developments to support our use cases.