Hi everyone,

I would like to ask a question about barcode scanner. I have a task to implement a barcode scanner in my app to scan serial numbers of some products. I install barcode scanner plugin from forge but i dont know how to install it in my app. Is there any documentation to explain this procedure?



Hi Panagiotis,

Basically, a plugin exposes a set of functions that you can use in your app. You just need to install the plugin in your environment from the forge (which you have already done), add a reference to the actions you want to use and use them in your app. When you ask for a mobile build, it will automatically be installed in your app.

You can find more information on plugins in the documentation

Let me know if you still have issues installing the plugin.

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Ricardo Alves

It's simple to use, please look at my flow below:

Harlin Setiadarma wrote:

It's simple to use, please look at my flow below:

Thanks Harlin for sharing this.

I've tried to implement the same on my iPhone device. But the camera will not get activated when the button is pressed unless if I double tab the home button as if I'm exiting the app.

Is there a fix for this issue or its only happening  to me.