Please look at attached OML...

Multilingual Locales is affecting the screen title,but is not affecting Menu...

EN / Original:

ID Locale:

Here's my translations:

I noticed in the menu item, it used this in expression: 


If I change the expression to a text string like "Home Page", and add it to Translation, it works perfectly...

So current workaround: change all menu item expressions to text string instead of GetMenuIem(...)


Update with more info:

Turns out all static entities are unaffected my multilingual locales...

Here's my screen in id-ID locale:

Static Entities:


Please find attached OML...

Any input?

Hello Harlin,

Can you tell which version are you currently using?

Thank you

I'm using P10...

Specifically Version 10.0.302.0 (Java Stack) 

Latest Service Studio version.

I managed to replicate the behavior. The R&D team will take a look and add the issue to the backlog to be fixed.

Thank you for reporting this!
Consider using Submit Feedback next time.

Thanks, I totally forgot there's a submit feedback feature in Service Studio... :) 

I'm fairly new in Outsystems world...

Hello everyone

My only input here is that you need to toggle the 'Use Translations' option om the entity's Properties window.

Simply double click the Static Entity, browse to the Advanced tab and there you go.

If it's already checked, I'm out of ideas

On a related subject, do you guys know if it's possible to use translations on Entities that do not have a primary key?

Best regards,


Use Translation is enabled by default.