Editable Table - unique names when adding issue


Is it possible to keep the focus when you "hit" the add button of an editable-table and some attributes are invalid. For example, I need to have unique names only, so when a user adds an attribute with the same name, it should show the message and keep the focus.

The current status is that the invalid record is added (visual) and a new empty records as well.

Hi J,

I recently had this issue, and after looking into the internal javascript for the editable table, it ended up being easier to remake the editable table widget, giving myself full control of every event that happens with the table. 

I can turn this into a reusable component and share it with you in the next few days if you haven't already reinvented/found a work around yourself.


Yeah, kinda figured that also :/

Please share it in the forge because it could work for me in the future.

now I have dumnped editable table myself and created a different workaround.