I'm trying to implement the Floating Content in SilkUI. I'm using the latest version.

My use case is: I want to display text, image or an animated gif when my mobile app is doing work.

I would like to have this float over the screen. This is normally done with a Z-axis parameter. Can I do this with this widget or is there another option?

Hi David,

The solution in this forum post is trying to implement a similar functionalit: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/20615/setting-the-progressbar-value-in-a-mobile-app/


   The link you suggested is good info for the progress bar. I was looking more on the visual side where I would superimpose an animated gif spinner in the middle of the screen.  Is this a good pattern for mobile or should I stick with the usual make a container visible and push other containers down?

Thank you