Error with assign in JavaScript (Mobile)


I'm not sure if this is the best place but I have a problem that I think is related to the latest update on OutSystems Cloud servers (personal or not).

My team is building an app and it was all working, then suddenly without we changing anything in this components we started getting this error:

My first thoughts were that someone changed something in the ParseEvents JS node and forget about a JSON.stringify(var) on the node.

Then I've seen this error in two personals with some different components but the exact same error.. So I'm assuming this is some kind of problem created with the update on the cloud server.

How can I solve this problem now? Will we have another update soon that will fix the error?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Alexandre.

Maybe your "var" changed and now the JSON.stringify returns an empty object instead of a string, hence the error when assigning it to a text variable

Hello Ricardo,

Thanks for the reply, but I don't think that's the problem, since it was working and we have never seen this error, and now we can't even open the page.

The same happened with an exercise of the mobile development training. Everytime we turn off the wi-fi and turn on again we get this error:

In the example of my app previously mentioned, the error was triggered in a clone of the Silk UI calendar, but this one is directly on the Silk OfflineDataSync...


Oh ok. I've also had the same error before (precisely on that training exercise). You just have to update your silk UI to the latest version and that should fix it.


Thanks! it worked on the personal. I will try on the other project and see if it fixes the problem! ;)

Hello Alex,

You have to update your silk UI, then it work fine.