Button phone call

Hello all,

First great thanks to this awesome tool to make apps... i did app developing on App Inventor, but thats only for android, and a slight easier then this but its worth it im for sure

Im remaking my app from appinventor to this platform... only this is going slower and i can not find a lot of information on how to do some things

I can easily open new pages, and open a website by clicking on a button

I am maken kinda businesscard for my company to test this envorniment

The second thing i have noticed is that i can not easily change an image of a button (this is very easy in app inventor)

i have googled a lot, downloaded a lot and looked how it whas made... but i couldnt find a solution for my issues... it is probably something easy. The Telecom Services sample app i couldnt find it anywhere

Please help me out, i had a brainsurgery not a long time ago... so any suggestions and examples are welcome and feel free to contact me in person. I can not search very long for things, but im eager to learn

My own knowledge is html, css, javascript/jQuery/AJAX and php

Thank you so far for the support

Greetings Martin

Hi Martin,

I'm not 100% what your exact question is, but based on the title of your post, if you right click a flow (mobile or web) and click 'Add External Site', you will see the External Site added (Globe icon), and then right click on the external site and choose 'Add Dynamic URL' you should end up with something like this:

From there, you can reference this external url from your link, and preference the phone number with 'tel:' and this should open up the link as a phone number:

This can also be easily swapped out for a dynamic/database value by using "tel:" + YourDataBaseTable.Current.PhoneNumber.

Let me know if this helps,