[Properties Management] Inactive timers are shown

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Published on 17 Jun by Carlos Alfaro
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Published on 17 Jun by Carlos Alfaro

Hi Fernando, 

We noticed that the component shows inactive timers in the list, timers that have been "removed" from an eSpace. 

Looks like the advanced query in action GetAllTimersByESpace should have an extra condition added: 

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet

SELECT {Cyclic_Job_Shared}.*,
from {Meta_Cyclic_Job}
    inner join {Cyclic_Job_Shared} on {Cyclic_Job_Shared}.[Meta_Cyclic_Job_Id] = {Meta_Cyclic_Job}.[Id] 
    inner join {Espace} on {Espace}.[Id] = {Meta_Cyclic_Job}.[Espace_Id] 
where {Espace}.[SS_Key] = @SS_Key and {Espace}.[Is_Active] = 1 and {Meta_Cyclic_Job}.[Name] like @SearchKeyword
and {Meta_Cyclic_Job}.[Is_Active] = 1
order by {Meta_Cyclic_Job}.[Name]



Hi Peter,

Great pick-up, that is correct should only the active ones.

I will incorporate that on the component and make it available on the next release.




First, let me say thanks for this fantastic component, it save's me a lot of time and clicking.

I'm still experiencing this behaviour of seeing the timers that are deleted. So it is just a vote up to request a fix for this.


Rodolfo Cardoso