Problem with agregate results when no max records is defined


Since updating to version 10.x from the plataform we are having a issue when using agregates without setting the max records value, I made a example (attached bellow) when the behaviour can be reproduced. My objective here is knowing if this is the default behavior and if it is how can i proceed...

Here i have my preparation for the screen, bellow is not show, but the agregate have a single filter as

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Values.Value like "%" + Search + "%"


And here is how my local list is seted, bellow i showing the first values from both the agregate and the local list (showing the values). First thing i see is that the agregate's 'Lenght' is diferrent from the count, yet i did not specify the max records, is this value default?

My problem starts here... On filtering the agregate for the first time everything goes as expected

But when i clear the filter and do another search...

And with another (clear) search


Seens like evertime a fullscan is done on the table only one new result is brought to the agregate. I did not show in here, but doing a search with parameters brings the same result when the total exceds (the magic number) of 51 results!

In the end, changing the max records (on the agregate) did solve the problem:

Same thing if I set the max records on the agregate refresh (for the cases when I filter results).

All i can guess is that the agregate has 51 as it default values, and don't take in acount that been empty should not use that value for filtering and all on some specific cases, OR that when link agregate and list/table setting the table Line Count as the agregate List.Length something goes off on the agregate side..

As I said before, if someone could enligth me how can I proceed without setting the max records, I would apreciate!

Thanks for reading so far, and sorry for the broken english...