I have a mobile app with a screen that contains a column chart. That column chart can be generated multiple times inside the same screen, each time with different input values.

More specifically, I have a dropdown menu that allows the user to select how many values to show in the graph (each value is a column).

I also have an action that iterates through the multiple values and creates/configures the datapoint corresponding to that value, by setting its value, label and color.

This works fine the first time the chart is generated. However, in subsequent generations, the datapoint labels start acting weird, while the color and values are set correctly

As you can see in the image above, the values in the Y axis are set correctly up until the 135, and after that it just starts counting the position of the column (for example, the 40th column has the label set to 40).

However, if I generate 100 builds to begin with, the labels will be set correctly.

This feels like a bug to me, because it doesn't matter what I set the labels to, the chart always behaves like this


Hi Ricardo,

This is indeed a bug in the mobile charts package. I ran into it a while ago, and this was confirmed by OutSystems. I'll PM you with the details.


Hello everyone,

Same problem here. I have a chart where i display Internet speed. I have the possibility to select the day, being the current day, the default.

When i enter the page, the chart plots correctly. For example, at 20:00h, it displays 20 readings.

However, when i change to previous day, where i have 24 readings, the x-axis does not refresh, and still displays 20 readings.

Are there any new developments on this issue?

Thank you all,


Hi Vasco,

You do not have the same problem. In fact, I don't think you have a problem at all. Your x-axis tick marks are set to every five hours, so "23h" is not displayed. However, I can see in your pictures that "20h" is more to left in the 2nd picture than in the first, and past the 20h are indeed three values (for 21, 22 and 23h). So everything is a-ok!