Web Block Message passed to Screen

In mobile application, the block can pass message to the screen that calls it by sending event and its parameter. How is the technique implemented in web block?

Thank u


Hi Ofast,

For web blocks, you use the 'Notify' action in the web block, from there, when adding your web block to a screen you will configure what screen action to call on the notify action of the web block.

Inside of the action called on the notify, you can use the 'NotifyGetMessage' method to retrieve the message that was notified from the web block.

This is assuming you are using P10, the action names were slightly different in previous versions.

Let me know if you have any problems,



Thank you, Sir. It works!



In mobile, I am not able to use notify action, then how can I pass the values from Web-block to the page?



Found the solution,

We can use Input parameter in the event to pass values.

As an example, 

I have added a text input in a block with a button

in the button action added the event with an input parameter, I have passed text input widget value to that input parameter

and finally, on the page I have created an action for that event, that's it



Since this topic has been revived I will leave some links for anyone still having trouble communicating between Blocks and Screens:

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