Missing Entity Association

Missing Entity Association



I have created a web application in on-premise environment and when i am publishing, getting error"  System Entity 'User' is not associated with this module."

What could be the reason for this error.

Thanks for reporting this, Nithya Jinto.  

This is a problem that has been a reported a couple of times, and we are currently investigating it. To aid our investigation, we would like to ask you some information:

  • Versions of you Service Studio and Platform running in your environment.
  • If it's possible for you, the application (the oap file) that you are unable to publish.

As a workaround, you could try removing the dependencies that appear in the error messages and then adding them again. You can do it in Service Studio.

Please, let us know if this solves your problem, or if need further help.

Hi Nithya Jinto,

I have same problem currently - did you find the solution?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Guys

Can you please check what other system entities are being used or is it just User entity?

Also please check if you have any dependencies and are those dependencies using any other System entity?

Try to delete User entity, publish the module and again add that entity and publish the module.

In past I overcome this problem but not getting exact way.

Hi Suraj,

I've this problem with any other System entity except Users. Removing and reading the entity doesn't solve the issue.

Are there any settings that could be set by server administrator that limits it?

Hi Nithya Jinto,

I  was facing  the same issue "System Entity 'User' is not associated with this module"  it resolved now i was getting this error because i didn't have permission to use system entity.

I think we get  this error when we don't have permission to use system entities.