Training exercises question

Is there a beginner section to ask [possibly dumb] questions? I am willing to put in the time, to get up to speed, but as a relative beginner, it gets very frustrating when you don't know if an error [or unexpected behavior] is in your actions or in the tutorial!


You can drop in this forum, there is no dumb question. To speed up the exercise, i ever do the exercise together with my friend, so one computer for both.. and it makes us dual core. "Given enough eyes, all bugs will be shallow". 

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Hi Lee,

Please feel free to post any questions you have.  The OutSystems Training team monitors the forums looking for questions regarding the exercises and tutorials.  So if you get stuck on something and aren't sure just post it here and we'll help.

Cool, thanks for the replies. I solved my last question myself.

I am in the Local Storage Exercise, on page 23, section (j). The tutorial sends you to 'ActionHandler_OnSyncStartTrigger' and I can't find that. I do have 'TriggerOnSyncStart' in the location described, which sounds kinda what I am looking for. Correct?