Globalization PlugIns - Outsystems Now

hi, I use the Globalization Plugin for mobile in my mobile app. When i run it in the Outsystems Now, the Local Date widget does not show the expression value, but when i create the Android Native app, it shows. The other widget like Local Currency, Local DateTime show up in both Outsystems Now and Native.  Unfrotunately, the format of the displayed expression (widgets) are different.

My question are:

1. Why one expression does not show up, but the others do?

2. Where to change the regional setting in the Outsystems Now? (In Android Native App i can set in the setting=>General.)

------------------------ Fig 1.1 Outsystems Now, the blank row is for Date widget.

----------------- Fig 1.2 Android App



Hi Barong,

OutSystems Now packs just the supported OutSystems plugins. You have to generate an app in order to use other plugins.

Thank you Jao. I use only one plugin Globalization, the Outsystems Now show all widget expressions (Local DateTime,...), but the Local Date widget. 




Hi Ofast,

The globalization plugin tries to do a fallback in order to always provide values to be rendered even if the plugin is not loaded. It seems that there's an issue with the date, I'll try to give a look at it.

Thanks for the feedback.