Outsystems Now in Future

Is Outsystems Now meant to replace the native application in the future as it is more easier to use (no need to do complete setup)?




Outsystems Now was released before Outsystems version 10, that now supports native applications, however if you want to go hybrid Outsystems now supports a lot of interesting features.


Hi Barong,

In OutSystems 10, OutSystems Now is meant to be used to quickly test your mobile app on a device as soon as you publish. It comes with a set of built-in plugins that allow you to use some native capabilities. However, if you need to use further extensibility, if the plugin is not on those built-in plugins, it will not work.

The idea is to have a quick look and feel of how you application will look like and behave on a mobile phone while you don't have all the necessary certificates/provisioning profiles to generate your own native app.

You can find more about OutSystems Now here

I hope this answers your question. 

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Ricardo Alves