[Search and Autocomplete] Could you publish the .oml used on Demo

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Published on 24 Mar by leonardo.fernandes
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Published on 24 Mar by leonardo.fernandes

Hi Leonardo.

First of all, congratulations for making this great component.

I read all 3 lessons avaiable at ttps://leonardofernandes.outsystemscloud.com/searchhelp/ and i was able to make a fully working Contact search autocomplete. Now, im trying to customize it, so it looks likes the one you build at https://leonardofernandes.outsystemscloud.com/searchhelp/Directory.aspx (the first one with the pictures on the left side), but without success.

Is it possible for you to publish the .oml for that sample demo? It would be a great help.

Thx again.

Hello Bruno.

That directory is actually pretty simple. The only thing that you need to get it right is to create a table with two columns, on the first column you place the picture, and on the other you place the name. You need to place this table inside the Result block.

I am trying to produce new documentation for these components, and I might allow to download a sample for the demo. But you'll have to wait a few weeks...

Meanwhile, if you need any help, send me your oml and I can make suggestions to improve it. You can send it in a private message.

Best regards,

Leonardo Fernandes