Is there a tutorial to create plugin in os forge from Cordova API?




Yeah... the documentation ( is AWFUL here. None of this makes sense reading the documentation. It just says to do a bunch of stuff which is not documented.


I am trying to create my first Cordova plugin, is there good tutorial that I can follow ?

I have see the article on official Cordova site and I felt the learning curve is too steep. I tried the tutorial below but the "Alert" that they want to show at the end does not show up. I tried commenting there but comments need admin approval and looks like nobody is managing that. 

Since so many people have published plugins to Forge, the community here must have it documented. (Or its easy to do).

Background of what I want to achieve - I want a custom Camera Screen with few overlays (not supported on standard camera plugin) so I have the native (iOS) part ready but am not able to export it as a Cordova Plugin.

Hi everyone,

when i try to generate IOS app getting below error can you please tell me how can i over come.