Is it possible to access error (or success, even) logs regarding the app generation?

I'm having quite a bit of trouble with a cordova plugin, that works perfectly when setup through the regular cordova environment (command line and all that jazz) but that inexplicably breaks when used in an outsystems app, to the point where the app generation fails completely with the very specific "An unexpected error has occurred while generating your application" error.

So I was wondering if you could check the generation logs, which would greatly help me debug the problem

Hello Ricardo.

As of today, the complete build logs are not available. What's the plugin you're having trouble with? What version of Cordova are you trying to use to troubleshoot?


Hello César.

I'm having trouble with the radaeePDF plugin and I'm using cordova 6.5.0, android version 6.1.2.

I've managed to figure out the error, and it was on the following line

<source-file src="src/android/ViewLib/libs/android-support-v4.jar" target-dir="libs" />

After I comment it, everything works just fine, so I'm guessing outsystems already has a higher version of the android support installed.

So, I'll need to create a hook that checks if an android-support jar is already present and only adds a new one if the installed version is inferior.

could I please get confirmation if trying do add an android-support lib (either directly through a <source-file> or by having a compile statement in the gradle files) causes outsystems app to not generate correctly?

Hello everyone.

Just for future reference, it's now possible to see the mobile app build logs in Service Center: