URL schemes not opening in iOS

In out application, we open intagram using the following URL scheme using the RedirectToURL action:


This is working fine for  android devices, but for iOS device like iphone, this is not working.

Is there anything I am missing here ?

When I opened safari browser and typed "instagram://user?username={username}", it is perfectly opening in the instagram app.

Some quick googling turns up this page. The interesting bit might be the Objective C example, which tests for "canOpenUrl". Apparently, an application must be granted access somehow?

Yes Kilian, this can be achieved through canOpenUrl and openUrl of Objective C.

But how to achieve this in outsystems ?

canOpenUrl just checks whether you are allowed to open the URL. It's my guess that your app doesn't work because it doesn't have the permissions to open that URL. But I know nothing about iOS, so unfortunately I cannot give any hints on how to achieve that.

Yes Kilian, you are right, canOpenUrl just checks whether you are allowed to open the URL and openUrl opens the URL, but that in objective C.

I want to achieve the same in outsystems and I want to know how to do it?

Well, this reeks of having to use native capabilities, so you should check whether there's a plugin for that. I can't be of much help there, unfortunately...