How to add entries to .plist file for IOS

How to add entries to .plist file for IOS


I want to perform the following action.

Add URL Schemes to the Whitelist

Simply open your app's .plist (usually platforms/ios/<appname>/<appname>-Info.plist) with an editor and add the following code with your needed Schemes.


How to achieve this in Outsystems ? How .plist file can be added or edited in outsystems for ios apps?


Hi Kartick,

You can create an OutSystems plugin that encapsulates this Cordova Plugin.
With this plugin you can edit the plist.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga


Thanks Remco,

It worked like magic.. :)

I'm trying to implement this but I must be missing something.

I've downloaded the plugin, changed the xml file and compressed it again.

Added the to the app and changed the extensibility configuration file:

"resource": "",
            "url": ""
            "resource": "resources/edit-plist-file"

But something must be wrong has it doesn't recognized the scheme i'm whitelisting

Any ideias?