Hi there,

We are having an issue where our App Icons are not being brought along during migration from Dev Environment to Testing to Production. A few icons work and migrate, but not all.

Is there some way to force the icons to follow a push?

Unfortunately I don't think I can provide any screenshots or files, but I can try to explain further.



Should note that we are using the OutSystems Cloud. Not sure if that makes a difference.

I experienced the same thing but with different case - change icon in the personal environment only. When i change an app icon and then publish the mobile application, the change is not reflected in the service center. So, i try to change the detail of the application description or change its name, and it works.

I´ve started to have this same issue a few days ago, after the upgrade of our platform from to version 10.0.405.0.

Since then, whenever we publish an application from DEV to QA using lifetime, the icons are lost in the QA environment. Everything seems to work fine except the icons, and unlike Spencer we aint using Outsystems Cloud, this is happening with our own servers.

We tried to publish the apps in the QA environment using servicecenter and if we select the option "Publish with full compilation", the icons will appear, but after we published using lifetime, the icons disappeared again.

We are trying to fix this, and if we find anything i will post it here.

Thanks Bruno!

We have tried the anonymous suggestion from above as well. It worked for maybe 2 out of 60+ apps.

We would like to be referencing the app icons in the apps themselves, which should be possible without having to import the icons as separate assets inside of the apps.

Hi Spencer,   

This was reported to OutSystems somewhere November 2016 and seems a patch was created. What I've been told is that upgrading would fix the issue - I think only 10.0.405 upwards, not sure yet.

I previously upgraded an installation from 10.0.200 to 10.0.302 and the issue wasn't fixed.

Thought the rest of the community would be interested in knowing too.

Hmm... I'm on 10.0.407, but we're still having this issue.

We updated the description of all of the apps that weren't working in hopes that on our next push through all of our environments it will fix things like they did for some of the other people above. We will know in a week or so!

The version number I was mentioning is the one for the Platform, not of Service Studio.

If you have changed any Icon in the meantime it will end up using the latest one still. Anyway, upgrading would be recommended, let us know the outcome.

Nice to know, also have this 'error', but we are also on So upgrading time I see (-:

We are on version 10.0.405.0 and this issue still remains, I just published to the Production environment on the cloud (we have a production environment on rental while in-house is being provisioned) and the icons are gone. This is disastrous! How can I fix this?

We also still appear to be having issues with this. Publishing from Dev to QA resolved a couple of the issues, but not all. And publishing from QA to Production does not seem to resolve any of the issues.

Saw it here also last week (current version 10.0.408.0).

So problem still there

This issue still in the version 10.0.408.0 and It's a very problematic issue once our application reports doesn't show the icons when the applications were published using the Life Time.

OUTSYSTEMS TEAM --> Please Provide a Bug Fix.

Still no fix? I just encountered the same problem, fixing it by manually updating the icon on the P version but that shouldn't happen :-(  

Yup, I think it's back.

Back? It never left. Now on 10.0.710.0  still same issue. 

We are running platform version 10.0.823.0 on premise and this issue is still happening to our environments.