Aggregate returns different result each time

Version: 9

I am using an aggregate to show the result on my listing page. Aggregate is returning different result for same input parameters. 

I tried using SQL Profiler to view the request, but nothing showed up.

Listing page result is modified with an AjaxRefresh executed on a search textbox change event.


it would help if you provide the aggregate in itself..

Am sorry J.

I won't be able to provide the oml. 

Can you please give me more details on how aggregates and ajax refresh works together?

Everytime you manipulate the entity, the aggregate you create must be refreshed (data refresh), and then call the ajax refresh to show the changes. So, the time sequence is:

t0: update the entity

t1: refreseh the aggregate that use the entity

t2: call ajax to refresh the widget's contents

Ajax run asynchronously so you can continue what you are doing when the Ajax is working.