Query For Certification

Query For Certification


Hi Team,

I am preparing for certification, can you please help me in providing any mock up or sample certification question link or sample questions.

so that I can prepare myself accordingly for the certification.


Saifa Kamal

For associate developer there are 49 multiple choice questions that must be submitted within 2 hours. To pass the test, you must get minimum 70% correct answers.

The questions are not the same - there must be a question bank - so every body will have her own questions. You should understand the concept of database entity, web block, silkui, action flow, etc to get flying colour mark and also code them.

Some question samples: can web block be recursive? How to achieve many-to-many relationship? ...

As someone told me... the secret is ..

Read read read

Code code code

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Good luck!


Is there any sample question bank or link for question where I can go through the question?


Saifa Kamal

No, there is not. Read this links:

- https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10/Developing_an_Application (read read read)

- https://www.outsystems.com/learn/ (code code code)

The Outsystems changes all the time so the questions will be renewed as the versions updated. Say it the webblock can not be recursive in current version; it could be recursive in next version. It means you must code it after knowing the concepts.

The best question bank is this forum; after you read, code, then try to search in this forum what you are learning then try to help people to workaround or just read the correct answer. 

Good luck!




Hi, to prepare the exam, just go through again all training material for web developer.

Don't just do only the exercise, and don't rely too much on project/job experiences.

One of my colleague had been failed, while he was actively involve in Outsystems project and have plentiful of experience, because some of the questions can be answered only if you really read the ppt/pdf or watching the training videos.