We have a client temporarily using our platform server until they have installed their own.

So I have requirement to setup role/team so that:

1. Our own developer have full Developer access on our server

2. Our client cannot see our in-house developed apps and can only develop their own.

So far, I setup it like this:

1. Create role Guest Developer with List Application access only

I tried to grant No Access, but those guest user cannot logged in at all in Service Studio.

For our own in-house developer, I grant it regular Developer role (can add and change apps).

2. Since 1 App can be in 1 Team only, I create a Guest Common Team and grant Reuse and Deploy access to plugins/extensions that is shared between many apps.

3. I create a Team for our client, with access to their apps as a Developer

However, our client then cannot create new application on their own.

Is there a way to grant them access to create application and then add it to their team automatically?

Is there any better procedure / best practice for maintaining Team?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Harlin,

It's not possible to create new apps without seeing all apps.

If your client is only temporary on your platform, they can ask you to create the new apps they need (just initial creation) and then they can continue by adding more eSpaces.

Or you can create one App for them and they can then create multiple applications within that app, but then they need to split those applications once they are on their own environment.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

Hi Harlin, 

We have a documentation page for creating roles for IT users and the example is precisely creating a role for an external developer. Click here to go to the page.

I hope it helps you.

Kind regards,


Thanks for your valuable feedback.