Found an odd behavior when I had two Service Studios windows open, for two different servers.
I've noticed that when the tab bar is full of tabs, the normal behavior is: Service Studio opens a new window, with the same connection to the server(as we can see on the bottom-right of the application).

When there are several SS open connected to different servers, and you open a new tab in one of them that has its tab bar full (top of SS), SS starts to populate other opened SS windows even if they are connected to different servers, which makes me wonder.. Is the connection per tab(espace)? If true, why does the bottom-right env indicator not change when there is a different tab in that window?

This can be misleading or I just didn't figure it out yet.

Thank you so much in advance. Best regards

Hi Eduardo,

That's not the expected behavior. The expected behavior is to reuse a window only when the window is connected to the same server. Thank you for reporting this.

@ João, My pleasure!