[Bug] Select2 Widget Problems 


Hi all,

I'm using a Select2 widget with Id assigned to a Combo Box within a popup window on a web application. 

I have also included a JS Widgets for Layout. However, the combo mulitselect box is not working properly; when inspecting the element and looking at the console I get the following error:

"Uncaught TypeError: $(...).select2 is not a function"

Any help on resolving this would be greatly appreciated. Other elements of the application that I am developing work with this functionality, just not this popup, with no clear discernible difference. 

Kind regards,


Hi Josh,

Any chance you can share your application, so I can take a look?


Hi Rodrigo,

Thanks for getting back to me! We've resolved the issue, we were using some javascript to enable upload functionality of large files. This was breaking the javascript associated with the Select2 widget, alongside others.

The fix was hugely simple but took a while to work out - simply move the javascript to the top of the page, or above the widgets in use. 

Not sure why this is the case however.

Kind regards,