I have a complex logic to decide to which page to redirect.

I wanted to create a "Server Action" to this, but Server Action elements does not have a "destination" block to add in the logic, this seems to be just for "Screen Actions". So I would like create a reusable Screen Action... but don't exists a place to put reusable Screen Actions, like Server Actions.

So which is the best approach to place resuable screen logic? I have creatted an empty webScreen, and in the Preparation I do the logic to redirect to final webscreen, but I think is not an elegant solution.


Hi Carlos,

In my experience, I've also had a blank web screen used as a redirect page with the logic of which page to navigate to in the preparation.


Hi Justin,

Yes, I have solved the situation this way, but I have many situations in which I would like "reuse" screen action logic and I think is not the best way create blank screens for that. It would be great some "screen action" shared zone, like Server Action.

Anyway, thx for the answer!

Have you checked out the event system:


It allows you to reuse screen actions that are available within the screens content.

Not fully what you want, but can be extremely useful.