Carousel: Styling and Image resizing

Hi, Everyone

I need to style the carousel to fade between items and also the images needs to be resized.

Thank you.

Are you using the silkweb, silkmobile or a forge carousel component?

It's a silkweb carousel.

I think you can do what you need with some CSS, implement the carousel analyse the CSS and try to adjust the classes to do what you want.

I've tried to override the style with CSS but it doesn't work and I'm not able to change the existing style. 

Or am I looking in the wrong place?

Can you provide your module?

I've build my UI on the Lisbon theme. 

After taking a look i think the SilkUI Carousel is a simple one and it is difficult to do what you need, maybe you can create a component based on slick that have the functionalities that you want.

I've created a component based on slick, can you take a look and see if it does what you need?