Hello Reader,

I want to create a dropdown that is accessible when an entity from my database has more than one connection to another entity.

A little side information, When i have one Employee that is linked to several projects, I want to have a list of all employee's and after every employee that is in more than one project a dropdown that shows the project name and other important information of the project het is working in.

I hope i gave enough information and that somebody can help me realise this goal.


Stijn Klaassen

Junior application developer


what do you mean by accessible?

if you can show the dropdown always, it's a mattere of setting the visibility based on the count/length of the aggregate...

that if the employee is in one project, the project information is shown immediately. But if the employee is in more than one project a dropdown will be shown that you can click and will expand to show all the projects he is in.


well, a simple if condition on the screen based on the length of the query to fetch all projects?