In my grids where there should be a ‘\’ displayed, I get these crazy symbols that show up.  I checked and the database has the back slash but can’t find a way to display it with the back slash.  The first row should like:  \\fp02\SharePoint\DocumentManagement\NewCRMOrg_20170405 150630.pdf

I'm sure it is something easy I'm not thinking of but I just can't seem to get it to display.  Is there a function I can put the expression value to not show the crazy symbols like below?

Hi Dan,

If you Google for "backslash yen" you'll find many references to this problem. It seems that you are using a Japanese code page in the browser (or in the OS).


Thanks Kilian for pointing me in the right direction.  Everything was set to English on my machine.  The problem I found was in my Theme I was using a font-family of "Meiryo".  Once I took that out, everything was displaying like it should again with the backslash showing again.  Thanks for giving me a direction as I never saw that before and didn't even know what to call that to search on.