I have been struggling with this for a couple of weeks now. I am trying to use the microblink plugin to read drivers licenses but it only seems to work on MRZ codes. I have also tried to use the phonegap plugin from git but it is too big for OS and will not properly load. 

Has anyone been able to use either of these plugins successfully to read a drivers license? if so can you please assist me!?

Microblink plugin that only readys MRZ codes: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/1432/microblink-plugin/

Phonegap app that is too big: https://github.com/BlinkID/blinkid-phonegap

thanks in advance 

Hello, Christopher,

Were you able to overcome this issue?

Instead of using a GitHub URL to import the plugin, as the supported plugins do, you could try to package in a Resource with its contents and reference it using extensibility configurations.

Check out this article, particularly the 'Indicate the plugin folder location in the resources zip file' option under step 4, for an example on how to achieve this.

Best regards,

Carlos Simões

Hello Carlos, 

The issue is not resolved. I was able to package the phonegap within the application after a lot of work arounds. but the code does not work as expected. I am trying to reach microblink to assist me but I have not been able to reach them. 

Can you share how were you able to include the plugin?

When you say "phonegap plugin [...] is too big for OS", how does the problem manifest itself? Does the app crash?

the eSpace would fail do deploy with no error because the eSpace has a default size to about 100mb. So instead of fighting the serviceStudio I wrote it all out in serviceStudio, exported it, and then imported it via the ServiceCenter. 

Ok, so you were able to publish the eSpace using Service Center.

Were you able to reference the actions from that eSpace on your mobile app? Were you able to generate a new mobile app afterwards? If so, what happens when you call the referenced action?