Finding nearby users of same app

Our app is a social app. One of the functionality is that a user can open the app and detect nearby people/users (can be same room) who have installed the same app (nearby people/users not necessarily opened and using the app now, just installed and registered).

What is the best approach to achieve this with minimum app background process, minimum user permission and minimum battery consumption ?

Also I want to do this in both iOS and Android.

João Neves wrote:

Hi Kartick,

Check out this plugin on Forge:

I want to know your suggestion on Bluetooth Low Energy  (BLE) ?

Or geolocation background refresh ?

The plug-in that you shared is also based on the above geolocation app refresh.

I want to know which is the better approach, considering factors like minimum user permissions, minimum background processing, and minimum battery consumption.

Please suggest.

Any suggestions please..

I have no experience with the plugins mentioned above, sorry.