OS 9 RichWidgets\Input_AutoComplete Action not called on Clear X

When I click the clear field X on a normal input box, the OnChange action is called. If the field has an attached RichWidgets\Input_AutoComplete then neither the input's OnChange nor the AutoComplete's OnNotify is called when I click the X to clear the field. The field is cleared but the value seems to stay the same and no actions are called.

I put associated data onto the page when an autocomplete option is selected and we save the value when the form Save action is called, but I am unable to clear those associated fields and clear the saved data without an action when the X in the input is clicked.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a shortcoming of the RichWidgets\Input_AutoComplete in 9.0? Is there a work-around? I didn't find anything searching the forums.

Hi Jacob,

About the onChange, I would guess the Auto-Complete is making use of it to check that the widget has changed and take care of things in the background. The lack of an onNotify is more surprising.

What device are you using to have the "X" to clear the input? Or did you implement that yourself? I tested the widget on a browser and on my iPhone and could see the "X" (I used the richwidgets sample).