How to make web apps appears in Outsystems Now?

Hi, I have seen demo Order Management web app, that can also be viewed in Outsystems Now.

It uses Dublin theme, which is not good at all viewed at phone screen (side menu takes half vertical screen).

But on the Order Management demo web app, when viewed using Outsystems Now, Dublin side-menu now have a hamburger menu icon.

I have other Dublin based web-app that I want also to look good on mobile phone.

But my web apps won't appear in Outsystems Now app list.

Any help?


Hi Harlin,

Probably you will need to activate your app in the OutSystems Now's BackOffice of your environment, available on:

Luís Silva

Hi Luis Silva,

Thanks for replying.

I have now accessed https://myonpremiseserver/OutSystemsNowService/

But only a handful of apps showed (most of it was mobile apps), I can't find my web apps...

Is there any specific setting or plugin that I have to configured to use in Outsystems Now?

Any help?