Hi I am validating my code in the w3c validator and have noticed a number of error messages:

Error: The scheme attribute on the meta element is obsolete. Use only one scheme per field, or make the scheme declaration part of the value.

How can I remove scheme=" " from my source code? 


Hi Tiki16,

Which code are you trying to validate? Is it platform generated code? Can you give more details?

I am assuming when you say Platform you are referring to Service Studio generated code? If so, that is what I am using.


Hi Tiki,

I looked it up and the scheme attributes are being added on the metas that are added by the Silk/Responsive Themes to add support for the mobile devices.

I guess I could suggest some workarounds on how to attempt to remove them ...but they would be hard and "hacky". This should probably be solved at the platform level so everyone will get the fix (if effectively there is no reason to have the empty values).

I'll add an issue for this, but since it does not cause any runtime problem and still requires a risk analysis it will have a low priority.

If this is important for you I recommend to open up a Support ticket with your concerns. Please add a link to this thread for context in the ticket.


João Rosado 

HI Joao, I am using Silk/UI responsive theme. I think the error is the result of using html5 doctype. It is important to minimize html errors when validating, as it will effect your seo rank in google. 

Here are some of the other errors that I am receiving and are being outputted by the silk theme:

Error: Attribute alt not allowed on element a at this point.
Error: Element script must not have attribute charset unless attribute src is also specified.
Error: Bad value Content-Script-Type for attribute http-equiv on element meta.



Pretty sure the first and last are still necessary for some older browsers support. Ill give a look into the other one.

Hi Joao, The first one is a result of adding a title attribute to a url. Outsystems automatically adds alt attribute to the url when title="" is defined, which is wrong. Alt is only to be used on images.

Also I have defined html5 doctype that is why the other errors are occurring, as they are now deprecated as a result of the doctype defined..


Oh you are right, I was thinking about the img tags, didn't notice there were cases they were being added in links.

Did fixes for both the scheme and alt issues. Still pending validation to be included in the next major patch.

Can't currently set them to a minor revision since they affect the html rendering and are not critical issues.

Regarding the charset error, do you have an example where it appears or what widget causes it? I tried to search for it in some of my modules and couldn't find any.

João Rosado

Hi Joao, thanks for looking into these. It is best practise to clear up theses errors. Here are  a few more:

script" /><meta http-equiv="Content-Style-Type" content="text/css" />?<styl

Error: Attribute analytics-label not allowed on element a at this point.

Error: Attribute analytics-event not allowed on element a at this point.

Error: Attribute analytics-category not allowed on element a at this point.

Error: Attribute analytics-on not allowed on element a at this point.



Error: Bad value Content-Style-Type for attribute http-equiv on element meta.

Hi Steve,

Totally agree with you that its a best practice to clean these as much as possible. But its a very fine line into being 100% compliant to the spec and being flexible to all the suported browsers. Specially since we make an effort to avoid breaking existing applications even on browsers that we don't officially support anymore to make upgrades a bit easier.

Fortunately recently browsers been evolving a lot in terms of compliance/compatibility and this is becoming less of a problem.

That said, the correct channel to submit these kinds of things is the Support Tickets. That way the issues can be correctly prioritized and delivered to the right teams. I kinda did these changes on my free time since they were pretty obvious and relatively safe (still hoping they are approved, since it's not even on my product area).

João Rosado

Hi Joao I have a support ticket started but I don't know where or how I can access it or update it? This is the case #2006068. If you can point me in the right direction that would be great.