Manage Dependency - One Click Error

I click the manage dependency button, and suddenly there is a message "Sorry, an unexpected error has occured". Some minutes ago it worked fluently. What cause this?

thank you.


Without looking at the error report it's hard to identify the root cause. Did you submit the issue? 

yes, i have. The error is just that simple. 

thank you

Looks like you're are having lots of out of memory problems. I recommend that you close all Service Studio windows. And try again. Let me know if that solves the problem.

i have closed all, but no different. My friends also get the same case when open THE application. But for other application it is okay. So i am suspicious with the dependencies in the application. Or may be you right the memory is not enough to open that dependencies of THE application. Is there an error log that i can investigate?

thank you.

The error case is like this:

- there is a dependency to a module that is a group of Oracle external table 

- in the entity, there is a column that does not exist in the ORacle table

- we refresh the entity and then republish it

- from service studio, we open the manage dependency button and the error shows up.


I recommend that you raise your concerns with the OutSystems support. There might be something wrong with that dependency that need further analysis.