Stroing environment specific data of an application.

Hello Everyone,

What is the best way to store environment specific data in Outsystems?

For eg: I wish to store a file-path on the server, and it will be different on different environments.

So, when I migrate my app to other environment, I should not need to modify the code.

Please specify something else other than Static records or Session variables.



Hi Chetan,

You can use Site Properties. You may update their value through ServiceCenter when you deploy the app to another environment.

Thank you, that seems to be a good option

Hi Carlos,

Where in ServiceCenter can I add new SiteProperty? I don't see any option

Hi Chetan,

You add it in ServiceStudio, in the "Data" tab, under the "Site Properties" folder. Then, after publishing the module, you may go the ServiceCenter, "Factory" > "eSpaces", select your eSpace and change the value in the "Site Properties" tab.