URL to go to specific page in a list


We have a page with a list that has many pages. Users are asking if it is possible to get a URL that goes directly to Page X (e.g. Page 2) without making any coding changes. e.g. add a link to the favorites/bookmarks for a specific page.

I don't think it's possible since the paging seems done using Ajax but i thought i better ask.

Thank you for any tips.


Hi Fabian,

This is not possible without coding changes. If you want something like this, you have to create an input parameter with the page number and use that one to set the initial values for the table.

Next to this you might want to create a bookmark function to get the bookmark to a specific page, because with AJAX, the url in the browser is not updated.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

It is doable by manipulating the StartIndex of the list using List_Navigate_GetStartIndex, but you cannot put it in Preparation. Put it in some auto-triggered action after the page is loaded and refresh the list. 

Note: The StartIndex should be calculated using the aggregate list length instead of the widget list length.



Thank you Stanley For sharing this. However the user asked if it's possible to do this without making any coding changes. Your suggestion seems to require code changes.

It's simply impossible not to have code-changes, because you need to trigger something based on the url. so the url needs to have some extra parameter, then you have to implement code to parse that extra parameter. Outsystems is great, but it's not a magic-box

What is the problem with code changes anyways?

That's what outsystems really is good at..

just publish and your are set.

J. , I was expecting that it's impossible without code changes. Just making sure. Thank you for answering my question.